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نحتفل بشهر التراث الإسباني


It is a challenging task to reimagine the school experience for our children, which can only be accomplished due to the incredible work done by the teachers in New York City Public Schools. They ensure every child feels safe, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. Teachers create environments that foster learning, growth, and development, and they do it with compassion, creativity, and a genuine love for our students.

Our teachers' work goes far beyond the classroom. They collaborate with families, engage with communities, and provide the kind of mentorship and guidance that shapes our students' lives for years to come. Teachers inspire our children to be curious, confident, and passionate about their dreams.

Join us this week to thank New York City’s teachers!

                   Use the DOE All-Stars tool to express appreciation to the teachers               
making a difference in your life.

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